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10 Tips for a DIY Birthday Party

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

YES you can have an awesome Birthday Party without blowing up your budget !

Welcome to our first blog post !! stay tuned for more goodies from our Party Stylists.

“I have my mom's birthday party coming up but I dont have the time or huge budget to make it memorable.”

This are just a few of the comments that we hear from our guests at Posh so we have come up with the top 10 tips that can help you on a DIY birthday party.

1. Pick a vision of the party ( vintage, festive or modern ) and filter all your ideas through that.

2. Now that you have the vision see what items you already have in your home decorate the area of the party so you don't have to spend extra.

3. Determine the amount of guests that are attending and the type of food you want to serve ( just appetizers and desserts or full dinner or lunch ) as well as the drinks. Chances are your kitchen is full of ingredients that you can pull together and create unique food options.

4. For the silverware and cups pick a neutral color that matches the theme or stay safe with clear plastic items that match all of the occasions.

5. If you are like me you probably have at least two paper stocks stashed somewhere :)

using them you can create labels for your food offerings or the gifts table with word fonts.

6. Start decorating your house at least two days before so you can dedicate the day before to prepare your food offerings.

7. Use an online email invitation system to track your RSVP and send reminders to your guests.

8. The day of the event do a final walkthrough of the items and your to do lists and from there send another person to get anything last minute that you might have forgotten so you can stay as relaxed as possible.

9. Make sure you get ready at least an hour before your guests arrive so you are ready to just ......


Hope these tidbits of information can help you your best party yet !!

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